The Fiat DUCATO METROPOLIS LH3 van takes up the legacy of the Ducato Metropolis already known to insiders, for being and remaining the first and only B-Class urban vehicle under 6 meters in total length (5.99mt). This urban carrier with 20 seats + driver, presents itself in this completely renewed guise both in the contents of the interior and in the concept of accessibility, transformed to make it more versatile, elegant and performing. New interior coverings that allow maximum exploitation of the volumes of the passenger compartment, also ensuring a useful rear height of more than 1.95 meters (maximum for the category) excellent for ensuring volumes and spaces suitable for a use of parking and continuous flow of people. This unique habitability makes the Fiat DUCATO METROPOLIS LH3 van an excellent solution for collective transport not only in the city but also in airport areas, waterfront lines, industrial contexts closed to traffic (dependent transfers) or areas of the historic center with traffic limited to public transport only. DUCATO METROPOLIS LH3 it comes with a double configuration of seats that can be ordered during the purchase phase: "standard" solution with 10 people sitting, 10 standing + driver and "disabled" configuration, equipped with a wheelchair loading platform, positioned at the rear, and areas dedicated to the stowage of the disabled non-ambulatory on a wheelchair; with this configuration the total seats are reduced to 18 (see configurations in the attached brochure).



The adoption of new CITIPRO saddlery by RUSPA, vandal-proof, sanitizable and ergonomic, arranged to ensure easy accessibility to the seats, combined with the elimination of internal loft structures, have allowed a significant reduction in the weights of the vehicle improving its drivability and consumption and a great ease of reaching the seats. Also new are the internal handrails for standing personnel, consisting of cold-bent stainless steel tubes and applied to the load-bearing structures of the passenger compartment by mechanical couplings; the areas of transit and stationing of standing personnel are free of gleanings, very spacious and bright, obtained through the adoption of noble materials such as pre-painted aluminum to cover the super high roof (unique in the category) and the side sides of the passenger compartment.


The passenger compartment of the Fiat DUCATO METROPOLIS LH3 minibus it is characterized by ABS coatings of color appropriate to the plastics of the driver's cab, fireproof and free of gleanings and visible screws aimed at optimizing cleaning, sanitizing and maintenance operations; the upper part of the roof, the pavilion and the sides of the passenger compartment are characterized by high-strength scratch-resistant pre-painted aluminum coatings, coupled with anti-vibration and highly soundproof fixings; the Fiat van DUCATO METROPOLIS LH3 defines professional standards characterized by robust content, stylistically refined and born for heavy use with high load frequency, typical of urban services. The selleria single-seater "CITIPRO RUSPA" by "orange" color in high-strength vandal-resistant material, easily washable and sanitizable, it is equipped with upper handles, aluminum finishes and ultra-thin ground fixing feet; DUCATO METROPOLIS LH3 is also equipped with a specific seat "PMR" of yellow color for people with reduced mobility, larger in size, equipped with armrest and adjacent to the "rescue" button directly connected to the driver. The passenger compartment is characterized by the presence of a particular ultra-light and ultra-thin flooring, on which the seats for the seat staff are installed. The floor covering provides a certified high-strength antistatic linoleum, with "WOOD TECH" shades in wood-like, edged perimeter to avoid infiltration of dirt and water and easily washable and sanitizable; the absence of the mezzanine compared to the previous version, optimizes and facilitates the cleaning operations of the interior even with aggressive sanitizing agents (surface without gleanings). The roof of the passenger compartment is characterized by a high-strength pre-painted aluminium cladding fireproof and soundproof "grey" color, fixed close to the original full-length sheet metal, supported by a large glass roof hatch with "emergency exit" function and by the handrail structures; this gives an excellent habitability and maximum exploitation of the volumes of the vehicle especially in height (best in class for this category of vehicles).



The Fiat DUCATO METROPOLIS LH3 minibus provides as standard important contents oriented to the "urban" mission such as a lowered step in the original floor, double electric glass door with roto-translating movement, alteral and central handrails placed in the passage of the side door, athermal glazing of the passenger compartment and openable in the second row, recessed LED lights on the roof complete with high-intensity automotive strips for the night hours dedicated to the passenger compartment with integrated dashboard ignition button also blue cruise night lights, floor finishes by means of non-slip aluminum perimeter edges. DUCATO METROPOLIS LH3 it is offered as standard with an additional ventilated water heater of the passenger compartment, located to the left of the first row seats (second row) behind the driver's seat, which can be operated by means of a dashboard button; given the considerable size of the passenger compartment dependent on the super high roof and the long wheelbase and the need to maintain different temperatures of the passenger compartment compared to the cockpit as well as the continuous openings of the doors to allow access to passengers, DUCATO METROPOLIS LH3 is offered as standard with dual rear climate control; it is positioned above the driver's cab equipped with adjustable vents with "free mouth" emission and ventilation control with temperature regulation independent of the original front one.

DUCATO METROPOLIS LH3 also includes a characteristic protective bulkhead for the driver, composed of a powder-coated metal structure and covered in the lower part by pre-painted aluminium, fixed close to the driver's seat and shaped to ensure maximum travel of the driver's seat; it is characterized by a superior glazing "privacy", hardened and certified, shatterproof; access to the driver's cab from the passenger compartment is allowed through a "gate" with an "easy open" opening system that guarantees distancing and safety of the driver compared to the passengers transported, especially in the presence of criminals. Close to the access, there are structures for obliterator that can be installed by the customer.



DUCATO METROPOLIS LH3 provides a specific front fairing of the roof for the insertion of the large luminous display of line indication; on average installed by the Customer, the display can still be supplied with a programming system and high brightness. The interiors are characterized by buttons for the request to stop, placed on the left and right sides of the passenger compartment and connected to a light and sound system of "stop request" directly viewable by passengers and the driver. On request it can be ordered the "nasty black" livery characterized by partial wrapping of matt black color of the external parts subject to structural canning; in addition to offering an attractive and very distinctive aesthetic, they make DUCATO METROPOLIS LH3 more resistant to corrosion. Complete the aesthetic studio the wheel covers in POLISHED STAINLESS STEEL, customized and with high impact resistance.



DUCATO METROPOLIS LH3 can provide a configuration of the seats suitable for the safe loading and transport of a disabled non-ambulatory on a wheelchair, by installing a rear platform under the floor and a seating arrangement that includes a "totem" for the stowage of the wheelchair. This configuration can be requested when ordering the vehicle, being "specific" in relation to the "standard" one offered as standard.



The study of the environment and air sanitization in periods when collective transport is strongly subject to risks of contagiousness due to contagious viral symptoms, have allowed the development of specific equipment of the range RISE ABOVE and also dedicated to DUCATO METROPOLIS LH3 as the viral load abatement system "BIO SAFE PRO" and the sanitizer dispensers with professional base that can be positioned at the access of the vehicle; DUCATO METROPOLIS LH3 comes standard with a separation bulkhead for the driver from the passenger compartment, offering an excellent environmental barrier compared to the travelling staff.



DUCATO METROPOLIS LH3 is offered with 140HP Euro VI engine also available with 9-speed automatic transmission (160HP END OF SERIES).

Fiat Ducato Metropolis LH3

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